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Bulgarian Organic Essential Rose Oil “NAT'AURA”

65,00 BGN
Почиства и тонизира кожата, овлажнява и поддържа хидролипидния баланс, стимулира регенерацията на клетките.

Bulgarian Rose Oil – Organic “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria” 1.2 ml

58,00 BGN
The Bulgarian Rose Damascena is precious in an inarguable way – the rose oil is the most valuable essential oil with a fragrant, calming and purifying effect.

Natural rose oil “Royal Rose”

36,00 BGN
Bulgarian essential rose oil has a strong anti- inflammatory, anti- bacterial and regenerating action.

Natural Rose oil “Regina Roses”

49,00 BGN
It is the perfect means to nourish, soften and regenerate sore aging tissues, slowing down the process of aging at cell level.