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Lip balm “Royal Rose”

2,80 BGN
Lip balm, which perfectly combines all the benefits of Bulgarian rose oil and Argan oil.

Lip balm – stick “Rose of Bulgaria”

3,50 BGN
Hydrates and provides your lips with shine and gentle and mild aroma.

Lip balsam “Lavender”

2,50 BGN
Natural shea butter for smoothness, brilliance and elasticity.

Lip balm “Olive oil of Greece”

3,00 BGN
Silky balm for instant softening and comfort on the lips.

Lip balm “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”

3,00 BGN
Lip balm “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”, 5 ml It prevents your lips during all the seasons from bursting and injuries. It hydrates and provides them with a shine and gentle and mild aroma.  

Lip balm for active protection “Biofresh Sport” Winter Ready

3,00 BGN
Colorless nourishing lip balm, suitable for men. Protects the lips from external factors during outdoor physical activities such as winter sports. 5 ml.    


3,00 BGN
Балсам за устни "Kataleya Summer с леки бляскави частици. Съдържа UV филтри, които предпазват от слънчевите лъчи и вредни емисии на околната среда. Овлажнява и прави устните по-меки и хидратирани.

Lip balsam “Yoghurt of Bulgaria”

3,00 BGN
It hydrates and provides them with a shine and gentle and mild aroma.

Softening lip balm “KATALEYA WINTER”

3,00 BGN
Colourless nourishing lip balm, perfect choice for women who like cinnamon and winter aromas. Prevent chapped lips with this rich lip balm. You can use it while having a walk outside or for outdoor physical activities. Volume: 5 ml.


3,30 BGN
Създаден, за да предпазва устните от слънце, студ и вятър по време на спорт и активни движения.

Nourishing lip balm “Diamond Rose”

3,90 BGN
A silky balm for the intense softening and comfort of the lips. Contains natural oil of Rose Alba, Diamond powder and complex of natural oils.

Хидратиращ балсам за устни “Rose of Bulgaria”

2,80 BGN
Хидратиращ балсам за устни с кокосово масло и аромат на роза.   Обем: 5 ml   Каталожен номер: 00117001