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Smoothing face exfoliant “Olive oil of Greece”

5,89 BGN
The fine particles of olive effectively remove dead cells and the contamination on the skin.

Exfoliating face cream “Diamond Rose”

4,89 BGN
Delicately and effectively removes the dead skin cells and impurities from the face, leaving the skin glowing, breathing and renewed.

Extra mild face wash cream “Olive oil of Greece”

4,00 BGN
The ideal method to cleanse the skin on a daily basis from dirt and the remains of make-up on its surface, leaving it soft, clean and refreshed.
Expiry date: 10.2022

Micellar face wash gel “Diamond Rose”

7,57 BGN
A gentle formula for the daily cleansing of the face.

Purifying micellar water “Olive Oil of Greece”

5,49 BGN
Innovative micellar water for clean, fresh and breathing skin.


9,90 BGN
A delicate formula that leaves the skin clean, soft and refreshed after each use. Both effectively and gently, the gel removes long-lasting makeup, excess sebum or other impurities without drying out the skin. Perfect cleansing and optimal hydration for each skin and each age!

Cleansing micellar water “NAT’AURA”

14,50 BGN
Effectively removes makeup, excess sebum and dirt. The formula was developed based on organic rose water, contains no preservatives and fragrance, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Purifying face mousse “NAT'AURA”

14,50 BGN
Effectively unclogs pores, normalizes skin breathing, and prevents dehydration. Leaves skin clean and refreshed, and the soft and sophisticated fragrance creates a sense of femininity and charm.

Презареждащ душ гел & шампоан & гел за измиване “Biofresh Sport”

5,50 BGN
Вдъхновен от енергията и тонуса, които ни носи спортът и създаден с единствената цел- да спестява време и усилия, които да влагаме в активности и забавления на открито с приятелите и семейството.

Probiotic facial wash gel “Yoghurt of Bulgaria”

7,90 BGN
The formula contains hydrolyzed YOGURT protein and natural Bulgarian rose oil, with guaranteed nourishing and moisturizing properties, as well as a noticeable conditioning effect.

Probiotic facial wash gel “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”

9,90 BGN
Пробиотичен ултра мек гел за измиване на лице Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil, 200 ml Нежен гел за перфектно и същевременно деликатно измиване на лицето. Ефективно почиства от замърсявания, без да нарушава естествената хидролипидна бариера на кожата.   Предназначен за всякакъв тип кожа, включително суха, чувствителна и уморена.

Delicate cleansing milk “Yoghurt of Bulgaria”

7,90 BGN
The priceless probiotic product, combined with natural rose oil, improves the general condition of the skin, stimulating the collage and elastin synthesis.