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Anti age serum B- effect “Regina Roses”

22,90 BGN
A new revolutionary product based on 100 % natural pure Bulgarian rose oil.

Express lifting concentrate “NAT’AURA” 30+

49,50 BGN
The innovative formula is the proper solution for instant and visible smoothing and tightening the skin of the face.

Express lifting concentrate “NAT’AURA” 45+

49,50 BGN
Entrust your face to the innovative formula which quickly refreshes and smoothness the skin.

Elixir for preventive anti-wrinkle care “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

34,90 BGN
A special formula created for the preventive control of skin ageing. It activates the skin’s vital functions, tones, smooths it out and balances its level of moisture.

Energizing anti age serum “NAT’AURA” 30+

49,50 BGN
Serum with fresh and delicate texture, combining the action of ingredients with pronounced anti-aging, moisturizing and energizing properties.

Age Protect Serum “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

34,90 BGN
A new, improved formula developed to combat the unwelcome signs of ageing.  

Skin perfector lifting serum “Nat'Aura” 45+

41,50 BGN
Velvety and silky smooth, the facial serum reduces the depth of wrinkles and smoothness the skin relief.

Day & night cream serum for dry skin “Diamond Rose”

15,90 BGN
A formula for all-encompassing 24-hour skincare.

Ultra-regenerating lifting serum “Yoghurt of Bulgaria”

15,00 BGN
The YOGHURT probiotic is synthesized from live bacterial cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and is isolated using hi-tech processes. It has the amazing ability to regenerate tissues and stimulate skin metabolism processes.

Bright Expert Serum “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

44,90 BGN
An effective serum to combat the hyper-pigmentation of the skin such as freckles, sun spots and age spots or an overall darker complexion Expiry date: 09.2022

Intensive skin care serum for face, neck and decolletage “Olive Oil of Greece”

13,00 BGN
A light formula with organic olive oil from Greece. Combines modern ingredients with powerful anti-ageing, hydrating and energizing qualities.
Expiry date: 09.2022

Anti-wrinkle total control “Regina Roses”

22,90 BGN
Featuring a high concentration of valuable active ingredients and 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil.