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Probiotic cream-soap “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”

3,00 BGN
Probiotic hand and body cream-soap. Contains specially selected active ingredients - hydrolyzed Yoghurt protein and Organic Rose Oil of Bulgaria prevent skin inflammation and irritation and preserve moisture in the skin day after day.

Soap for men “Royal Rose”

2,90 BGN
Soap for men from “Royal Rose” cosmetic series. This soap is enriched with natural oils of Bulgarian rose, argan and

Nourishing soap for men “Regina Roses”

3,45 BGN
With a relaxing and enchanting fragrance of rose oil, this soap has an expressed aromatherapeutic action.

Soap for men “Rose of Bulgaria”

2,49 BGN
A luxurious cosmetic soap for men. Delicately clean in depth the skin, keeps its moisture and makes it soft, elastic and smooth.

Soap for men “Lavender”

2,50 BGN
Containing gently exfoliating lavender blossom particles with a relaxing scent.