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Toning shower gel “Yoghurt of Bulgaria”

7,90 BGN
The unique composition of this product tones, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Shower gel for women “Rose of Bulgaria”

5,90 BGN
Tender and delicate shower gel for everyday body hygiene.

Shower gel “Royal Rose”

6,50 BGN
The shower gel Royal Rose has a nourishing and tonic effect, leaving skin velvety smooth and refreshed.

Shower gel for women “Lavender”

5,85 BGN
The floral lavender water refreshes and soothes skin and promotes cell regeneration.

Shower gel “Regina Roses”

8,45 BGN
This exeptional product combines 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil with plant extracts and Panthenol.

Softening shower gel “Olive oil of Greece”

5,49 BGN
A creamy formula for the delicate cleansing and scenting of the body. The combination of active ingredients and gentle foaming agents softens, balances and tones the skin.

Refreshing shower cream-gel “Diamond Rose”

9,48 BGN
A gentle shower cream-gel with a delicate formula and luxurious lather.

Презареждащ душ гел & шампоан & гел за измиване “Biofresh Sport”

5,50 BGN
Вдъхновен от енергията и тонуса, които ни носи спортът и създаден с единствената цел- да спестява време и усилия, които да влагаме в активности и забавления на открито с приятелите и семейството.

Probiotic shower gel “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”

9,90 BGN
The balanced formula of mild and natural cleansing ingredients, enriched with hydrolyzed Yoghurt protein and Organic Rose Oil of Bulgaria, preserves the fine hydrolipid barrier, and the specially selected composition eliminates skin inflammation and irritation.

Успокояващ и освежаваш душ-гел “Kataleya Summer”

5,90 BGN
Нежен крем душ гел, който остава след себе си приятно усещане и лек аромат на лято и цитруси. Обем: 150мл.