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Velvet touch hand cream VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 50 ml

4,50 BGN

An airy cream for the intensive care of the skin on the hands. It accelerates the regenerative processes, restores the natural lipid barrier against moisture loss and external environmental aggressors.

Probiotic renewing hand cream “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”

3,90 BGN
Probiotic renewing hand cream Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil, 75 ml This exceptional hand cream instantly hydrates, smoothes and provides comfort to the dry and sensitive skin of the hands, while retaining their youth and beauty. Combines light and delicate texture with extremely effective ingredients counteracting skin aging. Contains a hydrolyzed Yoghurt protein and Organic Rose Oil of Bulgaria.

Renewing hand cream with organic rose oil of Bulgaria “Regina Roses”

2,50 BGN
 Contains 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil of rose "Damascena"

Glycerin hand cream hydrating & softening “Biofresh Protect”

1,90 BGN
An airy cream for intensive care of the skin on the hands.

Active defence hand cream “Biofresh Protect”

3,80 BGN
Biofresh Protect active defense hand cream is specifically designed to moisturize your hands deep, leaving your skin deep soft and smooth.

Renewing hand cream “Diamond Rose”

4,68 BGN
A formula specially developed for the instant hydration and long-term protection of the hands. Contains diamond powder and natural Rose Alba oil.

Nourishing hand & body butter 2 in 1 “Diamond Rose”

12,48 BGN
The luxury nourishing formula is an ideal opportunity to pamper your body.

Hand cream “Royal Rose”

3,45 BGN
This hand cream contains 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil and Argan oil.

Hand cream daily protection & care “Olive oil of Greece”

2,99 BGN
This airy and fast-absorbing formula instantaneously tones, softens and provides immediate comfort.

Renewing hand cream “NAT'AURA” 45+

6,50 BGN
The luxurious fast absorbing formula provides expert hydration, eliminates dryness and improves skin density.

Revitalizing hand cream “NAT'AURA”

6,50 BGN
The unique complex of natural ingredients neutralizes the damage caused by external aggressors and helps the dermis to restore its natural defense mechanisms.


2,90 BGN
This cream gives unique sensation for comfort and elasticity of the dry and depleted skin.