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100pcs Hand sanitizer gel testers “Biofresh Protect” 3ml.

10,80 BGN
For easy and affordable protection- everywhere in every moment.

5pcs hand sanitizer for intensive cleaning “Biofresh Protect”

11,43 BGN
Hand sanitizer for intensive cleaning, which has a protective, cleansing and refreshing effect and does not need washing.

CICA cream concentrate “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

56,90 BGN
The CICA products are a modern solution to the problems of sensitive skin, influenced by the innovative Asian cosmetics and combines the traditions of herbal medicine and the achievements of the latest technologies.

Antibacterial wet wipes for active hand protection “Biofresh Protect”

2,50 BGN
The hand wipes that provide the necessary hygiene and disinfection.

Antibacterial wet wipes for hands and surfaces “Biofresh Protect”

2,50 BGN
The hand wipes that provide the necessary hygiene and disinfection.

Anti- cellulite soap for women “Lavender”

2,50 BGN
Containing gently exfoliating lavender blossom particles with a relaxing scent.

Lip balm “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”

3,00 BGN
Lip balm “Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose Oil”, 5 ml It prevents your lips during all the seasons from bursting and injuries. It hydrates and provides them with a shine and gentle and mild aroma.  


3,00 BGN
Балсам за устни "Kataleya Summer с леки бляскави частици. Съдържа UV филтри, които предпазват от слънчевите лъчи и вредни емисии на околната среда. Овлажнява и прави устните по-меки и хидратирани.

Rose oil candies “Delight”

6,50 BGN
After each subsequent rose oil candy is eaten its ingredients cling to the skin surface.

Bulgarian Organic Essential Rose Oil “NAT'AURA”

65,00 BGN
Почиства и тонизира кожата, овлажнява и поддържа хидролипидния баланс, стимулира регенерацията на клетките.

Hair styling wax “Styling glanz” – Hair Fashion

3,50 BGN
Shape your perfect and irresistible hairstyle.
100 ml.

Glycerin hand cream hydrating & softening “Biofresh Protect”

1,90 BGN
An airy cream for intensive care of the skin on the hands.