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Hydra fresh day cream hyaluron-filler VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 50 ml

12,90 BGN

An elegant and innovative formula inspired by the “Healthy and Beautiful Skin” concept. The cream has been created to protect effectively from the daily aggressors and to provide comfort all day long. After use, the skin is refreshed, hydrated and prepared for the day’s challenges.

Refreshing intimate celansing gel VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 250 ml

8,50 BGN

A balanced formula enriched with moisturizing active ingredients and lactic acid. The gel maintains the skin’s physiological pH level in the intimate area and assists the natural and defence mechanism against irritations. It gently cleanses and does not dry out the mucus membrane of the most delicate and sensitive body part.

Micellar gel 2 in 1 celansing & makeup remover VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 250 ml

8,50 BGN

A special formula bringing cleanliness and freshness to the skin with each use. Effectively but also gently, the gel cleans away long-lasting makeup, excessive sebum or other impurities without drying the skin. Perfect cleansing and optimal hydration for each skin and age!


7,50 BGN

Delicately and effectively, it removes dead cells and impurities from the face. The skin becomes radiant, breathing and renewed.

Face mask anti-poluttion VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 125 ml

13,90 BGN

The cleansing face mask is designed to restore the balance in the epidermis disrupted by the daily aggressors and stress. The mask revitalizes the limp skin that has lost its natural radiance, improves its elasticity, eliminates signs of fatigue. The mask’s gentle formula is exceptionally suitable for daily use.

Complete care cream for face, neck and décolletage VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 200 ml

24,90 BGN

The skin of the face, neck and décolletage calls for expert care. The innovative formula, specially created for the preventive control of ageing, maintains the youthful look and the hydro-lipid balance in the epidermis.

24 h face cream youth secret VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 100 ml

16,90 BGN

Facial creams are a caress and comfort, an indispensable step of the daily ritual for radiant, young and beautiful skin. The blend of innovative active ingredients endows expert care and tone for 24 hours. The cream ensures effective hydration, softens and revitalizes the facial skin.

Lifting eye contour cream VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 25 ml

13,90 BGN

High-tolerance care for the delicate area around the eyes. The airy formula combines the action of high-technology ingredients with marked hydrating and nourishing properties. It helps the skin compensate for the moisture shortage, it strengthens and regenerates the skin’s structure, prevents from dehydration, and leaves the skin smooth and elastic.

Regenerating face booster – serum VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 30 ml

14,90 BGN

A fresh and delicate serum combining the action of ingredients with pronounced hydrating, reinvigorating and regenerative qualities. It activates the skin’s vital functions, tones, smooths and balances the level of moisture in the skin.

Skin perfecting age control night cream VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 50 ml

12,90 BGN

A luxurious emulsion developed both to activate the skin’s regenerative mechanisms and to assist its regeneration during the night. Inspired by the idea to combine ingredients with soothing, hydrating and nourishing properties, the product provides effective integral action. In the morning, the skin wakes up radiant, fresh and rested.

Velvet touch hand cream VIA NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 50 ml

4,50 BGN

An airy cream for the intensive care of the skin on the hands. It accelerates the regenerative processes, restores the natural lipid barrier against moisture loss and external environmental aggressors.

Silky body butter NATURAL POMEGRANATE AND ROSE 200 ml

12,90 BGN

A luxurious formula for immediate care and comfort straight after the application. It leaves the skin toned and endowed with revitalizing freshness to last all day long. Using it renders the skin velvety soft, hydrated and delicately scented.