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Age Protect Serum “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

34,90 BGN
A new, improved formula developed to combat the unwelcome signs of ageing.  

Total Eye Care Concentrate “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

36,90 BGN
It visibly improves the firmness, elasticity and tone of the skin. Its light and velvety smooth texture guarantees easy application and rapid absorption by the skin.

CICA cream concentrate “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

56,90 BGN
The CICA products are a modern solution to the problems of sensitive skin, influenced by the innovative Asian cosmetics and combines the traditions of herbal medicine and the achievements of the latest technologies.

Bulgarian Rose Oil – Organic “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria” 1.2 ml

58,00 BGN
The Bulgarian Rose Damascena is precious in an inarguable way – the rose oil is the most valuable essential oil with a fragrant, calming and purifying effect.

Organic Rose Water Concentrate “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

16,00 BGN
Organic rose water concentrate for face skin. Contains Bulgarian rose oil of Rosa Damascena. Rosa Damscena has been an important and highly valued ingredient for centuries thanks to its moisturizing, restorative and toning properties, as well as its delicate floral scent.

Elixir for preventive anti-wrinkle care “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

34,90 BGN
A special formula created for the preventive control of skin ageing. It activates the skin’s vital functions, tones, smooths it out and balances its level of moisture.

Bright Expert Serum “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

44,90 BGN
An effective serum to combat the hyper-pigmentation of the skin such as freckles, sun spots and age spots or an overall darker complexion Expiry date: 09.2022

Ultra Lifting Cream Elixir “Bio Rose Oil of Bulgaria”

44,90 BGN
A new, exceptionally rich formula that restructures the skin and delineates the facial contours. It provides complete revitalizing care for the skin by restoring its firmness, elasticity and radiance.