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Дълбоко почистваща маска за лице “NAT’AURA”

19,90 BGN
Разкрасяваща козметична процедура, вдъхновена от природата, за витализирана, еластична и дишаща кожа.

Bulgarian Organic Essential Rose Oil “NAT'AURA”

65,00 BGN
Почиства и тонизира кожата, овлажнява и поддържа хидролипидния баланс, стимулира регенерацията на клетките.

Glycerin soap “NAT'AURA”

3,50 BGN
Handmade glycerin soap with intense natural aroma of roses.

Purifying face mousse “NAT'AURA”

14,50 BGN
Effectively unclogs pores, normalizes skin breathing, and prevents dehydration. Leaves skin clean and refreshed, and the soft and sophisticated fragrance creates a sense of femininity and charm.

Cleansing micellar water “NAT’AURA”

14,50 BGN
Effectively removes makeup, excess sebum and dirt. The formula was developed based on organic rose water, contains no preservatives and fragrance, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Body lotion firming expert “NAT'AURA”

19,90 BGN
The specially added active ingredient visibly tightens and reidentifies skin, reduces cellulite and provides prevention against its reappearance.

Revitalizing hand cream “NAT'AURA”

6,50 BGN
The unique complex of natural ingredients neutralizes the damage caused by external aggressors and helps the dermis to restore its natural defense mechanisms.