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Lip balm “Olive oil of Greece”

3,00 BGN
Silky balm for instant softening and comfort on the lips.

Smoothing face exfoliant “Olive oil of Greece”

5,89 BGN
The fine particles of olive effectively remove dead cells and the contamination on the skin.

Hand cream daily protection & care “Olive oil of Greece”

2,99 BGN
This airy and fast-absorbing formula instantaneously tones, softens and provides immediate comfort.

Restore care hair conditioner “Olive oil of Greece”

5,49 BGN
A mild formula for intensive hair care both in-depth and along its entire length.

Softening shower gel “Olive oil of Greece”

5,49 BGN
A creamy formula for the delicate cleansing and scenting of the body. The combination of active ingredients and gentle foaming agents softens, balances and tones the skin.

Intensive night care cream for normal to dry skin “Olive Oil of Greece”

9,80 BGN
Regenerating night care focusing on the loss of elasticity, tone and skin radiance.

Cream soap “Olive oil of Greece”

2,99 BGN
Transform the commonplace routine of bathing into luscious care of your skin and indulge your senses! With its gentle lather and glorious scent, the soap effectively cleanses, relaxes and tones the body.

Intensive skin care serum for face, neck and decolletage “Olive Oil of Greece”

13,00 BGN
A light formula with organic olive oil from Greece. Combines modern ingredients with powerful anti-ageing, hydrating and energizing qualities.
Expiry date: 09.2022

Restore care shampoo “Olive oil of Greece”

5,49 BGN
 The shampoo provides vitality and shine, restores the pH balance of the hair and scalp.

Eye care cream “Olive oil of Greece”

13,00 BGN
An innovative formula created to fight the dark circles, puffiness and the negative effect of stress and fatigue in the delicate eye contour area.

Body lotion freshening & parfuming “Olive Oil of Greece”

7,00 BGN
Maintains the skin tender and elastic, gifting it health and beauty.

Extra mild face wash cream “Olive oil of Greece”

5,00 BGN
The ideal method to cleanse the skin on a daily basis from dirt and the remains of make-up on its surface, leaving it soft, clean and refreshed.
Expiry date: 10.2022