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Active eye contour serum “Regina Roses”

15,90 BGN
Guarantees a progressive firming effect and prevents wrinkle formation. A very gentle formula that drains, smoothness and tones the eye area, while providing a wonderful feeling of comfort.

Anti age serum B- effect “Regina Roses”

22,90 BGN
A new revolutionary product based on 100 % natural pure Bulgarian rose oil.

Extra balancing shampoo “Regina Roses”

8,45 BGN
The smoothing agents make hair combing and styling easier and enhance its health and brilliance.

Shower gel “Regina Roses”

8,45 BGN
This exeptional product combines 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil with plant extracts and Panthenol.

Shower Gel for men “Regina Roses”

8,90 BGN
Energizing shower gel for maximum enjoyment in the shower.
Обем: 150 ml.  

Hand cream age control “Regina Roses”

3,45 BGN
Hand cream with 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oi.

Body lotion Q10-anti stretch control “Regina Roses”

10,90 BGN
The blend of vitamins, natural plant oils and Q10 improves the smootness and elasticity of the skin and thus prevents stretch marks.

Multi active day cream “Regina Roses”

10,90 BGN
Instant results – moisturizes, protects, tones and restores the skin’s elasticity.

Gift set for men “Regina Roses”

10,90 BGN
Men's set "Regina Roses" is specially designed to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

Face cream for men “Regina Roses”

11,50 BGN
Light moisturizer preventing the signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components.

Hand cream for men “Regina Roses”

3,45 BGN
Contains 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil.

Perfume for men “Regina Roses”

24,90 BGN
 A unique combination of noble atmosphere and undisturbed comfort.