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Renewing hand cream with organic rose oil of Bulgaria “Regina Roses”

2,50 BGN
 Contains 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil of rose "Damascena"

Ultra active night cream “Regina Roses”

11,90 BGN
Thanks to the 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil and the high-quality ingredients, skin looks firmer, revitalized and visibly rejuvenated.

Gift set for men “Regina Roses”

10,90 BGN
Men's set "Regina Roses" is specially designed to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

Gift set for women”Regina Roses”

10,90 BGN
An elegant gift set with natural cosmetics that will delight your loved one and demonstrate good taste and care.

Soothing after shave cream gel “Regina Roses”

6,90 BGN
Extremely light, non-greasy formula soothing and protecting the skin after shaving. Provides instant comfort.

Perfume for men “Regina Roses”

24,90 BGN
 A unique combination of noble atmosphere and undisturbed comfort.

Face cream for men “Regina Roses”

11,50 BGN
Light moisturizer preventing the signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components.

Hand cream for men “Regina Roses”

3,45 BGN
Contains 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil.

Shower Gel for men “Regina Roses”

8,90 BGN
Energizing shower gel for maximum enjoyment in the shower.
Обем: 150 ml.  

Nourishing soap for men “Regina Roses”

3,45 BGN
With a relaxing and enchanting fragrance of rose oil, this soap has an expressed aromatherapeutic action.

Perfume “LUXURY” – “Regina Roses”

24,90 BGN
Enchanting fragrance containing a droplet of the concentrated energy of the unique Bulgarian rose oil, a fresh and enticing aphrodisiac.