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After- shave “Rose of Bulgaria”

8,49 BGN
An aroma, reflecting the inner fire, the temperament and the passion of the modern man – refined and attractive.

Hair conditioner “Rose of Bulgaria”

6,90 BGN
Hair conditioner for depleted and treated hair with natural rosewater.

Lip balm – stick “Rose of Bulgaria”

3,50 BGN
Hydrates and provides your lips with shine and gentle and mild aroma.

Body balsam “Rose of Bulgaria”

6,99 BGN
It hydrates and feeds up the skin intensively and lastingly making it soft, delicate and velvety sleek.

Glycerin soap “Rose of Bulgaria”- I Type

2,00 BGN
Hand made glycerin soap, great choice for delicate and sensitive skin.

Дамски парфюм “Rose of Bulgaria”

14,90 BGN
Дамски парфюм със завладяващ траен аромат. Обем: 50 ml.      

Natural soap for women “Rose of Bulgaria”

2,49 BGN
Natural formula with 100% plant palm and coconut oil, without preservatives.

Cream for children “Rose of Bulgaria”

6,99 BGN
The pure vegetable extract of chamomile and rose water, are incredibly rich in active substances, which stimulate the regeneration and prevention functions strengthening of the skin.

Soap for children “Rose of Bulgaria”

2,49 BGN
It cleans the skin delicately in depth, keeps its moisturizing effect and makes it soft, elastic and smooth without teasing it.

Shower gel for women “Rose of Bulgaria”

5,90 BGN
Tender and delicate shower gel for everyday body hygiene.